Saturday, January 12, 2013

Nitaqat system. How to check your company's status?

Saudi Ministry of Labor introduced Nitaqat system to give a boost to Saudiazation program. Purpose is to make private firm hire more and more Saudis. Based upon the number of Saudis in a private firm, the private companies are classified in Premium (Blue), Green, Yellow and Red categories. Companies with high Saudization rates will come under the GREEN category, while those who fail to achieve the required rates or refuse to employ Saudis will be included in the YELLOW and RED categories respectively. 

The table below gives the overview of impact of Nitaqat category on the private companies:-
Nitaqat system impact on companies
The required rate of Saudization is varies from industry to industry. For example, a company in the sector of security guards, with number of employees between 10 and 50, should achieve 75-84% Saudization to elevate to the Green sector. On the other hand, companies working in the sector of Road Transportation of Goods within Cities, with number of employees between 10 and 50 will come to the Green sector by achieving 10-19% of Saudization.

As it is evident from above table, expatriates workers in a Red category company will not get their Iqamas renewed once they get expired. Similarly, Yellow category companies' employees will not be able to get the Iqama renewal after six years of service. Life will be OK for Green and Blue category companies.

How to check your company's Nitaqat status?

It is very easy to check your company's Nitaqat status in order to find if your company falls in Red, Yellow or Green category. Ministry of Labor website gives this option. Go to below URL

As of now, the page is only available in Arabic language. You have to fill in your Iqama number, or Passport number and select your nationality from the drop-down list and press "Search" button. Use below screenshot for assistance:-
check nitaqat status
MOL website's page for checking your company's Nitaqat status

You will get the result like in below screenshot. The color of your company's status will be enough to tell you where it stands without need to do any translations.
Nitaqat query result
Result of Nitaqat check. Look for the color of band

Good news for employees of Red and Yellow zone companies

The Ministry of Labor has recently announced that foreign workers in red and yellow category firms would be allowed to move freely to green and platinum companies. To do so, they do not need any permission or NOC from their current employers. Actually, the Ministry has launched a website ( where such expatriates can register and search for jobs in Green and Premium category companies! This is indeed a great news for skillful expatriates workers who want to switch jobs before their current Iqamas (resident permits) get expired.


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